Wheat Intolerance

Wheat intolerance is the body’s adverse reaction to wheat when consumed.  This reaction produces a wide range of unpleasant symptoms which include; bloating, flatulence and headaches. Wheat intolerance is sometimes used to describe wheat allergy, coeliac disease and gluten intolerance. But they are all slightly different conditions:

  • Wheat allergy –  when the body produces an immune response to wheat
  • Wheat Intolerance – the body produces an adverse reaction to the wheat
  • Coeliac disease – an auto-immune response is triggered y the consumption of gluten
  • Gluten intolerance – an adverse reaction to gluten when it enters the body

What is wheat?

Wheat is a cereal grain. It is used in most baking flours and added to many processed foods.

What causes it?

There is no single idea as to what causes wheat intolerance. It is still quite poorly understood. Although one of the emerging theories is that those who are wheat intolerant don’t produce/have enough enzymes to digest the wheat.

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