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Haemorrhagic Response

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Haemorrhage is simply another term for bleeding. To suffer a haemorrhagic response is to bleed due to a variety of causes. These can be anything from a viral disease to a sharp blow to the body. The bleeding can occur inside the body where the blood seeps out of blood vessels into the surrounding area. Or, the blood can leak out of natural opening in the body such as the nose, mouth, ears or genitals. A wound or injury resulting in broken skin is also a route for blood loss. There are many different reasons a person could suffer from a haemorrhagic response. There are different diseases that can lead to blood loss such as haemophilia and thrombocytopenia (low blood platelet count). Viral infections leading to blood loss can be deadly. The ebola and hanta viruses cause massive internal bleeding, which can lead to death if not treated very early and rigorously. Any sort of forceful trauma to the body, such as injuries obtained during a fight or a car crash can lead to blood loss.