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Rash (Urticaria)

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Rash is more of a general term for any sort of skin irritation that causes visible or tactile (raised bumps or areas you can feel) response due to an internal or external contact with a substance that initiates an allergic response within the body. Allergies are the most likely causes of a rash and can be triggered by a response to pets, foods, insect stings, medicines, textiles, chemicals or various microorganisms such as bacteria or viruses. Rashes can manifest themselves in many different ways. They can be red and itchy patches of skin, red skin with raised patches or bumps, itchy, scaly, lesion like or even large welts or hives (red itchy bumps). Many rashes will go away by themselves after the allergen is removed from scene. Other rashes that might be a product of certain fungal or bacterial infections will need to be seen by a GP for proper diagnosis and treatment.