Should you seek medical advice for hay fever like symptoms?

Sometimes, when you find yourself suffering from symptoms that you think might be related to hay fever, it can be a little difficult to know if you would be best off going to your GP and seeking medical advice. You may find that you are new to hay fever and not yet confident in the symptoms you are displaying to self diagnose. It could be that your normal hay fever symptoms are starting to change and the medication you normally take no longer offers you an acceptable level of relief. Perhaps you have noticed that you seem to be developing some side effects to the medications you are taking.  Whether these questions pertain to you yourself or are in regards to one of your children, it is always best to go and discuss any concerns with your doctor.

It is all too easy to get complacent or ‘used to’ the symptoms associated with hay fever. But it is very important to take note of changes that might be occurring within the body, as this could be an early warning sign of perhaps a deeper underlying problem. It is possible to mistake the signs of hay fever for developing cases of asthma or skin conditions such as eczema. For example, if your child has never displayed symptoms of hay fever and develops symptoms of wheezing and coughing, this could indicate a possible link to developing asthma related problems if the symptoms occur during the hay fever season.  Likewise, if your child is not prone to skin rashes during hay fever months and starts to develop them, it might be down to a developing case of eczema.

In any case, it is always best to go and seek medical advice if there is any doubt or any concerns about the symptoms you or your child are suffering from. Once your GP makes an assessment it will then be possible to construct a plan of treatment that best fits your body and lifestyle.