Can IBS be caused by a food allergy?

For those individuals who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), the symptoms can range from acute abdominal pain, distinct changes in the amount of bowel movements that are produced as well as a change in their consistency.  There is often a sense of relief after a bowel movement, as it tends to release the pressure in the abdomen. Up to approximately 15% of the population suffer from this disease.

Most IBS sufferers identify certain foods as the trigger for the onset of their symptoms. This makes sense, as there is a known correlation between food allergies and disorders involving the gastro intestinal system. It has also been proven that a link between hay fever and IBS sufferers exists. For some reason, people with IBS are more prone to hay fever than those without. Their intestines have been found to have an abnormally high level of mast cells in them, which accumulate when allergic reactions taking place from ingested food or pollens occur. This causes a lot of the intestinal upset that takes place in the bowels and causes the symptoms.