High Fat Foods Aggravate Asthma

Wednesday 19th May 2010

Eating high fat, high energy meals could aggravate asthma and impede the effectiveness of asthma relieving medication, researchers claim. Researchers at the University of Newcastle, New South wales, Australia found that eating high fat meals could inflame the airways and lead to increased incidence and severity of asthma attacks.

Researchers reached their conclusions by studying 40 people with asthma. Half of the study's participants were given a high fat diet of fast food staples including burgers and hash browns, whilst the remaining participants were given a low fat diet including natural yoghurt. Researchers discovered that eating a high fat diet badly inflamed the airway's sputum cells and lowered the effectiveness of popular asthma relieving drugs including albuterol.

The researchers will present their findings at the up-coming American Thoracic society International Conference. The researchers hope to further study the link between diet and asthma. It is hoped that future research will enable asthma sufferers to improve their quality of life by making dietary choices that will better help them to control and manage asthma attacks.

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