Locate & Review a Restauraunt based on its Allergy Friendliness

Wednesday 1st December 2010

What do you do when you need to eat out and either suffer from an allergy or are going with someone who has an allergen? Most of the times, we take a risk and attempt to get our message across when we get to the venue. The works sometime and sometimes it does not.

A new website which is focussing on this area has just been launched. Say hello to AllergyAunt.com and the new ‘AllergyAunt Restaurant Finder,’ It’s a revolutionary new idea that gives allergy aware people and sufferers the power to rate and comment on 80,000 UK restaurants. The difference here is that you can rate based on a number of questions which are related to the overall allergy eating out experience. Its a crowd sourcing tool that allows allergy sufferers to get there message across whilst helping others too. With more and more people joining the cause and using the platform, the tool will become an essential resource for UK based allergy sufferers by giving the visitor an allergy aware insight into the restaurant before they decide to go there.

Along with this, there are menus, website links and other useful information on the venue. All there to provide a helping hand before you decide to eat out. To rate or review a restaurant involves no registration and is as easy as a number of clicks. The site has been created to make things as easy for you as possible.

The site was created by two parents that saw a need for something of this nature. Both are allergy sufferers and also have a 3 year old child who is allergic to a number of things. Eating out is something they know a lot about when it comes to the world of allergies and in their words, 'it was about time something was put in place to give people more power as a consumer - whether you are an allergy sufferer or not'.

For now, please have a look at the site, add your ratings and help other allergy sufferers in the process too. Together, we can make a huge difference.

You can view the restaurant finder here: www.allergyaunt.com/eatout

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