New Life Saving Asthma Awareness Campaign

Tuesday 4th May 2010

New research from Asthma UK warns that most adults would not help a child suffering from an asthma attack – because they would not know how to help. Asthma UK has found that up to 88% of 2,200 adults surveyed would not help a child in the throes of a serious asthma attack. The alarming news has been released today in order to mark World Asthma Day.

The organisation is now urging people to sign up for a free Asthma Attack card that provides simple and potentially lifesaving information on how to react to an asthma attack. Asthma attack advice includes encouraging the sufferer to take one puff of their inhaler per minute and to phone an ambulance if symptoms persist or get worse. The charity is also encouraging asthma sufferers to carry a personal asthma action plan.

It is hoped that the charity’s campaign will raise awareness about the condition and help people, including teachers, who are most likely to come into contact with children who may have an unexpected and serious asthma attack. The move will be welcomed by teachers, 75% of whom don’t feel confident about helping pupils having an asthma attack according to a report published in February 2009.

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