Yoghurt Could Prevent Allergies

Thursday 27th May 2010

New research suggests that eating pro-biotic yoghurt could reduce the severity of allergies including asthma. Researchers believe that yoghurt and other pro-biotic rich foods could lessen allergies by switching off the body's inflammatory immune response.

Researchers believe that downing a daily pro-biotic drink could supply the body with bacteria needed to protect the gut and intestinal linings which in turn could reduce asthma and other allergies as findings seem to indicate that people with allergies have low levels of healthy gut bacteria. Pro-biotic supplements may also be able to soothe allergic symptoms as they are rich in anti-allergy antibodies.

Researchers hope that their findings will encourage people with allergies to better consider the effect that diet may have on managing and treating their symptoms. Kathryn Marsden author of new book Good Gut Bugs claims that consuming pro-biotics could also be key to treating bad breath, constipation, colds and flu's and more. Marsden even suggests that pro-biotics could induce weight loss as well as easing allergies.

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