Sesame Allergy

Sesame seeds can be extremely dangerous allergens to those who are unlucky enough to be allergic to them. Reactions tend to be swift and serious, with the possibility of anaphylaxis quite high. As an ingredient they are used in more and more products so reading food labels is increasingly important. Many food labels will state that there is a possibility of the contents containing traces of sesame even if it is not actually one of the ingredients. Restaurants still pose one of the highest risks for those with sesame allergies. It is very often used in oriental cooking such as stir fry and tempura battered meat and vegetables. Many chefs are aware and very careful when it comes to using and stating the use of peanuts in their food, but they often forget that sesame allergies are equally as dangerous.

Food Containing Sesame Sesame can be found in a wide variety of different things, both expected and unexpected. Sesame oil, for example, is found in both a range of foods and also in some pharmaceuticals and makeup. Many dips and spreads such as hummus, tahini and halvah contain sesame. Bakery goods and bread products are often produced in an environment where possible sesame contamination can occur. Sesame can even be found in some herbal drinks such as Aqua Libra.

If you suspect you might have a sesame allergy go and see your GP. He or She should be able to help you pinpoint the offending foodstuffs or even cosmetics so that you can eliminate them from your diet or lifestyle. You might also find that it is recommended that you carry around and emergency dose of adrenaline in case of accidental ingestion. If this does occur, the dose, once injected, will prevent the body from slipping into anaphylactic shock long enough for you to get to the hospital.

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