Chiropractic Treatment and Fertility

There are a number of factors that are associated with the fertility of women. These include nicotine and alcohol intake, diet, exercise, stress, weight, STIs (sexually transmitted infections) or physiological problems with the reproductive system itself. There are a variety of treatments available aimed at improving fertility that are medically proven. However, an alternative option is to pick the les conventional route of chiropractic treatment. This method of fertility treatment has not been officially stamped as being effective, although some studies have proven its worth.

Some chiropractors believe that a woman may be unable to conceive due to a subluxation (misalignment) within the spine. The chiropractor will then work to correct this misalignment while doling out advice on specific lifestyle choices, such as exercise and nutrition. Cumulatively, these apparently have to potential to improve fertility and increase the chances of conception.


How fertile a woman is, is the greatest influence on her probability of conceiving. If she is under the age of 35 (or six months older than) and has not conceived after trying for a year, she is often categorised as infertile. Fertility issues are extremely common and in the US alone, around 10% of women have problems in regards to their fertility (please note that fertility issues also affect men). Fertility issues often lead to a couple seeking medical intervention such as artificial insemination, surgery or IVF (in vitro fertilisation – or a “test-tube baby”). Alternatively, avoiding medical treatments, sometimes chiropractic treatment is used to try and improve fertility.

Chiropractic care and fertility

Chiropractic treatment is often significantly cheaper than medical fertility interventions. Usually, the woman is required to undergo a chiropractic treatment session once every month. In each session, her spine is manipulated in order to align it and relieve any stress on the nervous system.

If you are considering undergoing chiropractic treatment in conjunction with medical fertility treatment to increase your fertility and chances of conception, you should first consult you doctor and/or midwife. You should also look, in detail, at the chiropractor’s information (such as where they trained and experience) before settling with treatment by them. Also, ensure that they are registered with the appropriate councils (in the UK, this is the General Chiropractic Council).

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