Chiropractic versus Massage

Both chiropractic treatment and massage can be used to ease back -elated pain and discomfort. There has been a significant amount of controversy in relation to which route of care is better and more effective. Throughout this argument, people evaluate how each treatment works, what is done during the care, as well as the risks and benefits.

The qualities of chiropractic treatment vs. massage

Both massage and chiropractic treatment affect the functioning of the nervous system, however this is done in different ways in each method. Chiropractic treatment revolves around the idea that if the nervous system is not working to its fully capacity then there is a possibility that a disease will be acquired. To improve the functioning of the nervous system, chiropractors physically manipulate the spinal column to readjust the vertebras (bones that make up the spine). They believe the misalignment of these bones is causing the pain or discomfort and inhibiting nervous system function.

On the other hand, massage focuses on the muscle tissue to try and improve the functioning of the nervous system. Massage therapists tend to put moving pressure onto the muscle tissue to try and boost the energy and fluid flow around the body.

It has been noted that the majority of people prefer to have a massage when it comes to dealing with general back pain or overall body aches and pains. However, most people would rather visit a chiropractor to treat pain and/or discomfort on the neck and upper back.

Methods of each system of treatment

It has been said the chiropractic treatment and massage can reap the same pain relieving benefits, however massage has the added bonus of sense relaxation. Chiropractic care is sometimes employed to relieve symptoms of arthritis, lower backache and other chronic issues. Apparently, undergoing a massage can also solve these conditions. Depending on the source of pain, you may choose a specific type of massage. The varieties of massage therapy techniques include Swedish, Circulatory and Shiatsu. In contrast, chiropractic treatment is very much limited to the manipulation methods and you can often not choose as specific type of treatment.

Benefits and risks

Numerous people find that both chiropractic and massage are very beneficial in terms of caring for chronic pain. They often hold the opinion that they prefer the approach to pain by chiropractors and massage therapists compared to their doctor. It is also claimed that a significant benefit is that the effects of chiropractic care and massage yield relief that lasts for a long time compared to pain relief medicines that are often prescribed by a medical professional.

You should, however, still consult your doctor before pursuing a course of treatment in either massage or chiropractic. They will be able to then help you if you feel that the treatments are doing more harm than good and allows for discussions into the genuine effectiveness of the treatments. This may also allow your doctor to develop complementary care, such as medication, that can aid the pain relief process.

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