Cost of Chiropractic Treatment

The cost of chiropractic treatment can vary anywhere from £30 to £80 per session. The cost is very much dependent on the individual chiropractor so it may be a good idea to search around for the best deal. Whilst doing this, you should bear in mind that the chiropractor should be respectable and experienced as well as providing good value treatment. There is another option however to cover the cost of chiropractic treatment, and this is through the NHS payment service.

Chiropractic care on the National Health Service

The National Health Service (NHS) considers chiropractic treatment a complementary therapy; this type of care is generally not available on the NHS. Despite this, as chiropractic treatment is becoming more medically accepted as a beneficial method of care, it is becoming rather widely available on the NHS so some people are eligible for “free” treatment. However, it is not guaranteed that your local area is subject NHS-funded chiropractic care and only certain chiropractors can offer treatment on the NHS.

Deciding who is eligible for NHS funded chiropractic treatment

The Primary Care Trust (PCT) is the body that ultimately decides who is able to apply for chiropractic treatment on the NHS. If you believe that you may be eligible and truly benefit from visiting a chiropractor, you should book an appointment with you GP who will be able to tell you if the PCT provide funding for chiropractic treatment in your area.

You GP will be able to inform you whether or not chiropractic care is available on the NHS in your particular area. If it is not currently available, they may still be able to recommend a specific chiropractor who they believe could help resolve your issues, however you will have to pay for private treatment. Alternatively, if your GP believes you will benefit from chiropractic treatment but it is not available in your area, they may write a referral letter that you may present to your health insurance company. Sometimes, private health insurers will provide the funding for chiropractic care.

In general, a GP tends only to refer patients who suffer from chronic back pain (has lasted for over six weeks) as this is recommended by the NICE guidelines. The subsequent chiropractic treatment is then often administered over a three-month period in nine sessions.

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