Dermal Filler Treatment for Acne Scars: Aftercare & Recovery

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As dermal fillers are a very mild form of cosmetic enhancement there is only a very short recovery time and few steps to take in terms of aftercare.

Recovery from Dermal Filler Treatment

The recovery from dermal filler treatment is very fast. In terms of being able to return to work, many people go back the day after. This is not true of all people but it is possible. Immediately after the treatment you may feel pain and experience bruising, swelling or redness over the next few days though these symptoms should now be severe. Taking over-the-counter painkillers such as ibuprofen or paracetamol should be enough to stop any discomfort you feel. Most people will not experience any side effects after a week and after two weeks you should be completely recovered. If this I not the case, or if you have any concerns about infections, allergies of the appearance of your scar after treatment report immediately to your doctor.

How to care for your skin after Dermal Filler Treatment

Due to the low-risk nature of the procedure, caring for your skin after a dermal filler surgery is very easy. You will be advised after your treatment to keep your facial movements to a minimum for the next 24 hours. This will ensure that you do not experience too much in the way of bruising, pain, swelling or redness. Avoiding activities which may cause you to bump the area you have had treated is also recommended as this cause discomfort and could slow the healing process. You may experience some localised pain for a few days after treatment but this, along with swelling, redness and bruising can be controlled with over-the-counter painkillers.

In terms of washing the area it is advised that you do not use any particularly harsh products for a week. The best way to treat the skin is simply to wash it wash it gently with warm water.

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