How Effective is Light Therapy on Acne?

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Thanks to the lack of extensive or thorough research, it is not clear how effective light therapy is at combating acne. Some trials show that as well as having almost no side effects, it is also better at treating mild-to-moderate acne than any of the treatments currently available. Some reports have said that light therapy can, in some cases, reduce up to 81% of acne lesions. Other reports contradict this and many people are very sceptical about exactly how effective the therapy is.

Some studies have shown that there is no clear indication that light therapy has any effect on acne. Doctors and dermatologists alike have their doubts about the treatment. Many would only recommend it as a last shot. This is because, as well as being quite expensive with no promise that you will see results, the long-term effects of the treatment are not known which makes it potentially dangerous.

Official studies aside, the internet is full of people who claim that light therapy has done wonders for their acne but there are also a significant number of people who claim that it has had absolutely no effect. It seems that, if light therapy is effective at treating acne, its success depends on who you are, what type of acne you have and what your skin is like.

Alternatives to Light Therapy

Light therapy is most often used to treat mild-to-moderate acne as it is a very mild treatment with almost no side effects. Laser therapy is not so much an alternative as a different side of the same coin. The next treatment to try, which deals most effectively and least invasively with mild-to-moderate acne, is probably the use of over-the-counter products. These will not cost you a fortune and have only very mild side effects.

If you have already tried over-the-counter products, it is time to go back to your doctor or dermatologist. They will probably offer you prescription medication that should, if taken correctly, reduce and control your acne.

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