Sugar Busters Diet

The Sugar Busters Diet is based on a philosophy that sugar itself is harmful to our bodies. This diet is designed to reduce sudden rushes of insulin in the body, which store fat and lead to more hunger. Continual spikes of blood-sugar is said to cause the condition of insulin resistance, worsening the condition and leading to hunger-cycling based on sugary diets.

The diet banishes all refined foods with high sugar content, requiring that you eliminate sugar, potatoes, corn, white rice, refined flour (including white bread), beets, carrots, molasses, honey, colas and beer from your diet. However, every other 'natural' form of sugar is fine to be eaten, such as fresh fruit. Sugar Busters encourages its dieters to eat fresh fruit and vegetables, whole grains and lean meat. This is a bit different from other low-carbohydrate diets which would have the dieter eliminate sugary fruits in an attempt to cut further carbohydrates.

Criticisms of this diet point to the following problems with the Sugar Busters philosophy: the body does not actually distinguish between sugars that occur naturally in food and sugars that are added artificially. Additionally, the average menu for this diet has an average daily calorie count of 1200 calories per day, which is classified as a low-calorie diet. And, most importantly, doctors stress that insulin resistance is not a condition which can be self-diagnosed. If you think that you suffer from insulin resistance, it is best to have this diagnosed by a physician. This diet is not recommended for vegetarians as the menu options would be too limiting without animal food sources.