A Diet Tailored To You

Sunday 7th March 2010

A diet that is specifically adapted to suit every person’s individual needs may soon be taking the world by storm. The diet as under investigation by Kansas State University looks deep into the genetics of a person to determine what foods will and will not benefit their health. Additionally, this use of the fast growing phenomenon of nutrigenomics could even help prevent disease later on in life.

The study as published in Food Technology delves into the deep genetics of a person as these can be affected by the nutrients a person is consuming. The art of nutrigenomics is a combination of nutrition, molecular biology and genetics to see how genes can be regulated by the use of particular nutrients. Nutrients affect genes in so far as they can inhibit how genes are transcribed by affecting the binding of biochemical entities to DNA. Thus by examining a persons specific genes a specialist could direct a patient towards what foods will particularly benefit their genes to ensure they do their job the healthy way!

Scientists at Kansas State University are also looking at nutrients involvement in cancer development as plant chemicals could have an impact on how certain cancers are developing. Additionally, a wolfberry, which is a Chinese fruit, is currently being examined to determine its helpfulness in restoring specific people’s impaired vision. Professor Denis Medeiros, one of the leading researchers at the University explains that not only do these studies show how particular nutrients could be helping prevent disease but also what actual health benefits can also be seen. He adds that this development is how he sees nutrigenomics developing into the future; hopefully enabling people to choose the healthiest of foods for them. 

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