Dieting the Mediterranean way cuts the risk of stomach cancer

Sunday 17th January 2010

Following a study published in the online version of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition it has been revealed that the Mediterranean diet can be associated with lower risks of devastating diseases such as stomach cancer or gastric cancer. Typically, the Mediterranean diet consists of healthy vegetables, olive oil, and little red meat or dairy. With the diet also being linked to lower risks of diabetes, depression, obesity and so on, perhaps we should all be adopting the Mediterranean’s style of cuisine.

The study involved the examination of a vast group of people across 10 different European countries. The men and women were of ages 38-70 years; with a total of 485,044 people overall examined. The lead researcher from Barcelona’s Catalan Institute for Oncology, Dr. Carlos Gonzalez explains that all of the patient’s diets were given points out of 18 for how “Mediterranean” their diets were. The people who gained the highest points for their diet were found to have a staggering 33% decreased chance of developing gastric cancer with 449 of the other patients developing the disease during 9 years follow-up. Overall the risk of gastric cancer was decreased by 5% for every extra point received for the more Mediterranean of diets. 

With nearly 22,000 people in America alone being diagnosed with stomach cancer every year, scientists urge people to try and adopt the more Mediterranean of diets. Gastric cancer is also the second most common killing cancer worldwide and the researchers believe that inducing diets that help reduce the risk of such a common cancer could help manage the cancer considerably.

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