Eat like a Viking

Thursday 21st January 2010

Following recent news that the Mediterranean style of eating could help us shed all of our unwanted pounds, Professor Arne Astrup who is a leading obesity expert has waged war on the Mediterranean diet with the Nordic diet. In fact, he is that confident that this diet could help us Brit’s who have an obesity rate twice of Scandinavia’s, that he has recently launched a £12.2 million scheme to expand the Nordic diet.

Many dieters will breathe a sigh of relief when they hear what the Nordic diet allows that so many other diets do not…bread! Yes, bread is included within the diet alongside the varied inclusion of seasonal vegetables and an equal balance between fat, protein and carbohydrates. The diet is also encouraging for people to purchase their local produce to accompany a variety of different things. Nordic dieters are allowed a lot of fish, but are told to go easy on the meat, eating game, poultry and so on when they do. Sample dishes would be omelettes with bacon, grilled lamb kebabs and accompaniments such as cabbage and kale.

With nutritionists already hailing the Nordic diet as the Mediterranean diet of the 21st Century and Trina Hahnemann, top Scandinavian chef, publishing her top 75 Nordic recipes, the diet looks set to take the world by storm. Consequently, there is even a Scandinavian restaurant, Madsen, already open in London eagerly awaiting the influx of keen Nordic diet enthusiasts. Owner Charlotte Madsen deems the Viking way of eating today is still very much rooted within its ancestor’s diet; “everyday food for the common man”.

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