Try a Holistic New Years Resolution

Sunday 10th January 2010

So, we’re ten days into the New Year, ten days into our new diets and fitness regimes and already many of us are failing. With work, children, cooking, cleaning and so much more to think about, dieting, healthy eating and exercise are some of the last things we have time to think about. However, the director of Greenwich Hospital’s Center for Integrative Medicine, Dr. Henri Roca believes that the answer to our dieting woes lies in a holistic approach in which our emotional, psychological wellbeing, medical histories and so on are vital factors in our diets.

Dr. Roca rightly identifies that whilst dieting and exercise are beneficial in weight loss, they are seldom useful to people with low self-esteem and little will power when it comes to dieting. People who have tried diet after diet and failed each time will have little hope in succeeding with a new diet, as they associate it solely with failing and gaining weight. Therefore, the team suggests that by delving into a patient’s emotional and medical history, their perfect weight could be achieved. Dr. Roca points out that emotional problems such as stress can have a deep impact on the person’s body weight and so on. Little did many of us know that chronic stress increases the production of glucose within our bodies due to higher cortisol levels, and this surplus glucose is turned into fat which is then stored in our bodies. This in-body occurrence will be unknown to the dieter and will only go noticed by the weight that appears to be gathering around their midriff; therefore making the dieter feel as though they have failed their attempt at a diet.

The Center instead propose to assess a persons overall health including things such as emotional and mental wellbeing, and even how energetic they are. They are then used alongside other investigations as to what bodily dysfunctions the patient may have; e.g. allergies. All these areas can have a profound affect on the person’s diet and need taking into consideration before the perfect diet is determined. A nutritionist will then assess your own personal desires, your body type and begin to draw up a diet and exercise plan accustomed to your lifestyle. This diet aims to make you feel good about your body and gather a deep understanding of exactly what nourishment your body needs and when.

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