Difficulty Concentrating In Menopause

Difficulty concentrating is a hard disorder to define, but this is a problem, which affects many menopausal women. A lack of concentration not only makes some tasks more difficult, but it can also contribute to confusion and forgetfulness. Struggling with concentration can make work-related activities tough, as well as contributing to frustration at home.

Why does menopause affect concentration?

It is not fully understood why menopause affects concentration levels; however, it is believed that the hormonal changes that occur can make it more difficult to maintain concentration. Other symptoms of menopause, such as disturbed sleep, anxiety, stress and depression, can also make it more difficult to concentrate.

Solutions for poor concentration

As there is usually no clear cause of concentration problems, it can be difficult to find effective solutions; however, there are some steps you can take to try and improve your concentration; these include:

  • getting enough sleep and seeking help if you do have trouble sleeping on a regular basis
  • eating a healthy diet
  • training your brain and keeping it busy by doing quizzes, puzzles and games
  • dealing with stress and avoiding triggers
  • seeking medical help if you are struggling

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