Night Sweats In Menopause

Night sweats are very common during menopause; they cause you to become very hot and sweaty during the night, even when it's cold outside or cool in your bedroom. Many women also experience hot flushes during the day. While night sweats are not painful, they are unpleasant and they can be embarrassing; it can also make it difficult to plan ahead or enjoy activities, such as staying in a hotel, going away or staying with friends.

What causes night sweats?

Like hot flushes during the day, night sweats are caused by falling oestrogen levels, which affect the body's ability to regulate temperature. Your body may perceive that you are too hot and this triggers the mechanisms to cool you down, which include sweating; your skin may also become flushed. Sweating an affect people in different ways; some people sweat mildly, while others may wake up completely soaked in sweat.

Most women tend to experience night sweats when it's warm in their bedroom, but they can occur at any time even when the room is cold and other people around you are cold.

Dealing with night sweats

Here are some tips to help you cope with sweating and reduce the risk of night sweats:

  • keep your room cool
  • wear light clothing and remove your duvet if you're too hot
  • stay hydrated
  • use a fan to circulate cool air
  • avoid caffeinated drinks in the evenings
  • avoid refined, processed and spicy foods
  • keep a hand-held fan by your bed

If you have severe symptoms of menopause and they are affecting your day to day life, see your GP. There may be treatments available, including HRT, which could help.

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