Memory Lapses In Menopause

Memory lapses are temporary episodes where you forget things; usually, they relate to very mundane tasks or moments, such as forgetting when you've arranged a hair appointment or where you've put something. Even though there's usually no serious consequence of memory lapses, they can be frustrating.

With menopause, you tend to experience a whole range of symptoms and many of these may be linked to memory lapses; these include stress, disturbed sleep and lack of concentration.

Menopause and memory lapses

Changing hormone levels produce a wide range of effects on the body and falling levels of oestrogen can affect brain function; this is because your brain has oestrogen receptors, which are designed to respond to oestrogen to carry out certain activities. When oestrogen levels fall, sometimes, the responses get jumbled or they are less acute than normal. Other symptoms, such as night sweats, can also hinder your memory, as they prevent you from enjoying a good night's sleep.

Memory lapses are temporary and they don't to affect your long-term memory or your memory of important events or dates.

Dealing with memory lapses

Self-help techniques for preventing memory lapses include:

  • eating well
  • getting plenty of rest and adopting a good sleep routine
  • exercising on a regular basis
  • keeping your mind active and busy
  • writing down information, such as dates and times of appointments or people's telephone numbers
  • taking time to relax and avoiding stressful situations

Treatment is not normally required for memory lapses; however, if you start to notice that you are forgetting things on an increasingly regular basis or you are worried about your memory, you should see your doctor.

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