Palliative Foot Care by a Podiatrist

Modern podiatrists are relied upon for a number of key services here in the UK, both within the NHS and within private practice. One of these services is the provision of palliative foot care, a provision vital to people suffering from a range of diseases that can seriously impact ease of movement and quality of life.

Palliative podiatry

Palliative care is a term describing measures taken to reduce pain and the overall severity of a condition when it can’t be treated. In podiatry, palliative care involves working to alleviate pain and discomfort in the hopes of restoring mobility and movement.

Generally speaking the implication with palliative care is that the disease or condition in question is incurable. Therefore the best examples of palliative podiatry are to do with forms of arthritis which can’t be cured, only managed. In these instances podiatry is an extremely effective method of managing pain and keeping people as mobile as possible.

Examples of palliative podiatry include adjusting footwear through orthotics, personalised insoles which take relieve undue pressure from the foot and restore a normal walk (gait). As well as nail and skin care to prevent unwanted infections or injuries.

For many people suffering from severe, chronic arthritis, podiatric care is one of the best ways to manage pain effectively and maintain as much movement as possible.

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