Podiatry at Home

Foot care in the UK is the premise of podiatrists, trained healthcare professionals experienced and qualified in treating, diagnosing, and preventing diseases and afflictions of the foot. These services are available from a number of different sources, and in this article we look at the provision of podiatry at home.

Can I get podiatric care at home?

Podiatrists in the UK can receive care from a number of different sources. The NHS provides podiatric services in most areas of the UK, although the provision depends on the policies of a particular Trust’s PCT (Primary Care Trust). In most cases, NHS podiatry is offered to people whose mobility and quality of life are under serious threat.

There are a wealth of different private podiatric providers here in the UK, and some of these offer home based services. These are invaluable to people struggling with their mobility who would find it difficult to attend an appointment elsewhere. These home services are extremely convenient, and offer access to podiatric care to house bound people, like those with severe arthritis for example.

There are some points that should be considered when employing podiatric care at home. It is important that you ensure that the practitioner you are employing has been registered with the Health and Professions Council (HPC) as registration is necessary for legal practice in the UK. It would also help to determine whether or not the practitioner is a member of an independent organization like The Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists, as these institutions act to ensure that all podiatric practices in the UK are delivered to high standards.

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