Consultation for Acne Scar Surgery

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In the UK your GP could be the first port of call for setting up a consultation with an appropriate dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon. Your GP can recommend treatments and the best course of action to take regarding your acne scarring. They will also be able to help you if you are experiencing depression relating to your condition. It is important to be open with your practitioner about the mental effects your acne scars have on you. It is likely that your GP will then refer you to a dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon for a consultation.

What Happens at an Acne Scar Removal Consultation

During your consultation your practitioner will hope to understand exactly what effects you hope to see from the surgery and to ensure that your hopes are realistic. They will also inspect your scars in order to ascertain which kind they are, as different kinds of acne scar require different forms of surgery. You can expect to be questioned closely about your previous acne treatment as the dermatologist or surgeon will want to be certain that your condition is under control. Any cosmetic work done could be complicated or ruined by recurring acne.

You will also be expected to give details of your general medical background and any medication that you may be taking. If you are a smoker, your consultant will, in all likelihood, try to discourage you from undergoing treatment until you have quit as smoking seriously compromises the health of your skin. This can mean that the success of the surgery may be limited as smoking has been shown to increase healing time.

During your consultation your surgeon or dermatologist should thoroughly explain the procedure you are going to have and discuss the possible risks and benefits of the acne scar removal surgery you have opted for. Any appointments necessary before the operation will be made at this point and a system for payment will be arranged.

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