Cost of Acne Scar Surgery

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As acne scar surgery is generally a one-off operation, the price compared to other treatments that require more than one session, such as chemical peeling and laser therapy, can be reasonable. It is advisable not to choose your practitioner based on price. There are many times in life to hunt for bargains but looking for someone to surgically remove your scars is not one of them. Always ensure that your cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist is fully qualified and that you feel comfortable and safe with them. Asking to see before and after examples of there work is often a good way to get some idea of the effects they can achieve and reassure you that you’re in the right hands.

The price of punch excision, elevation, grafting and subcutaneous elevation varies depending on your practitioner, the amount of work you want to have done and the difficulty of your specific procedure. You will often need to pay for a consultation with a dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon as acne scar surgery is only very rarely available on the NHS. Consultation prices will vary depending on your practitioner.

Often clinics punch excisions in sets. In the US a single punch excision can cost as little as $50 (around £35) while in the UK 1-3 excisions can cost around £150 while 4 or more can cost upward of £360. Procedures that include grafting are more expensive at around £420 for each graft. Subcision meanwhile can be more expensive depending on how much work needs to be done, consult your dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon for a better idea of the prices available.

Acne Scar Removal Surgery on the NHS

As acne scar removal is treated as a cosmetic surgery, it is not usually available one the NHS. Your NHS GP can give you advice about possible treatment and direct you towards a good practitioner. The NHS very occasionally pays for scar removal, but this is only in cases where the patients acne scarring is directly causing severe mental illness. There are many steps you will have to go through before this can happen in order to prove that you really do need the surgery and the likelihood of getting it is extremely low. In fact this kind of surgery on the NHS is very, very rare.

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