Can I have Acne Scar Surgery?

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There are a few factors that may exclude you from having acne scar removal surgery. It is possible that if your acne is not under control your practitioner may want you to wait until your condition is better before they perform the treatment. This is because a bad bout of acne could seriously affect the chances of the new scar made by the surgery healing as well as it could do. Acne after surgery could even make it look worse than it did before. In order to achieve the best results it is best to wait until you have conquered your acne before you try to deal with the scars.

You may be dissuaded from having the surgery if you have been taking any medication or have a condition that may mean the surgery is less successful. For instance, if you have been taking the acne treatment prescription drug, Accutane (Isotretinoin), there is a higher risk of your new scar becoming even more noticeable or raised and taking a longer time than usual to heal.

If you are a smoker you may also be asked to delay treatment until you have managed to quit smoking. Smoking has an extremely negative effect on your skin and can seriously jeopardise the successful result of the surgery as it can reduce skin quality and increase healing time.

As acne scar removal surgery is a cosmetic procedure, patients will have to arrange and pay for it themselves through private medical practices. Cosmetic treatment for acne scarring is only available on the NHS in seriously rare cases in which the patient is believed to be suffering from a very serious mental condition that is directly caused by their scars. This means that, as a private patient, you have control over what you have done to your body. A surgeon can refuse you treatment but will realistically do so if they believe you are not of sound mind or believe the surgery will not have the effect you wish it to. If you meet the previously stated criteria and you can afford private treatment it is probable that you will receive the assistance you want.

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