Cost of Laser Therapy for Acne

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The cost of an individual laser therapy for active acne is on a par with most other acne treatments; light therapy and chemical peels for example. However, in order to see marked results, most practitioners recommend that you have a number of treatments. Between four and eight treatments seems to be the average. This can work out very expensively; especially since laser therapy is not available on the NHS and almost certainly not covered by your medical insurance. In addition to the many treatments you are recommended to have, laser therapy is often performed in conjunction with other treatments, the use of topical prescription creams especially. This is another extra cost.

Cost of Private Laser Therapy

The cost of laser treatment depends on a number of circumstances. Firstly, where you have it done. Prices can vary depending on your country and even on your state. Secondly, who performs your treatment; often the more experienced practitioners will charge more. Thirdly, how much work you need to have done; the larger the area you wish to have treated, the more expensive it will be. Finally, how many treatments you have.

In the US some estimates put the average price of a single treatment at $200-$500. In the UK, meanwhile, the cost can range from £150-£350.

How to Pay for Laser Therapy

Many clinics that provide laser therapy for active acne do offer payment plans. Some of these involve allowing you to pay for your treatment over a number of months, while others even offer their own loans to enable you to pay for your procedures. It is a good idea to shop around. While it is strongly advised that you do not ‘bargain hunt’ for treatment, some top-of-the-range practitioners can offer very different prices. Make sure you acquaint yourself with exactly what is available out there so that you can sort out the best plan for you. Being savvy about the market could save you money.

You can find estimated prices on the web sites of most practitioners and can easily email or telephone in order to get a quote. You will probably not be able to get an exact figure, however, until your consultation. At your consultation your consultant will discuss costs and ways to pay with you.

Laser Therapy on the NHS

Laser therapy for active acne is not available on the NHS. The NHS do, in very rare cases, offer cosmetic treatments to patients who are suffering from serious mental problems as a direct result of their acne, however laser therapy is not one of them. This is because it is not a particularly reputable therapy that can be very costly and may not have a good result. If you feel depressed about your acne, make sure you go to your doctor.

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