How Effective is Laser Therapy on Acne?

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How effective laser treatment is on acne is a rather controversial question. The few studies that have been conducted into the success of laser therapy on acne have had dramatically different results. Some state that there is absolutely no evidence to show that laser treatment works, while others say that their studies prove that laser therapy can seriously improve the condition of acne.

It can be difficult to tell who is right, especially since there are so many complicating factors. For example, a lot of people have laser therapy at the same time are using over-the-counter products or prescription medication which could explain their improvement. There do seem to be a good number of cases in which laser treatment and laser treatment alone has had a he impact on the appearance of acne. Some people have seen up to an 80% decrease in the number of acne lesions present on their skin. If laser therapy does work it seems to be somewhat hit-and-miss.

As the treatment is quite new, there are plenty of improvements and discoveries to still be made. The treatment could be honed and could become well respected in the future, or it could be shown not to really work. If it does work, there are many positives but price and the fact that without regular treatment acne is likely to return are serious downsides.

Alternatives to Laser Therapy

Excluding topical ointments and internal medication, laser therapy and light therapy are probably the mildest acne removal procedures currently on the market. However, laser therapy is also the least permanent, which can ultimately make it very expensive. For a treatment that is more long term you could consider chemical peeling or a course of prescription medication. Light therapy works in an almost identical way to laser therapy but some versions of the treatment you can perform yourself at home.

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