Seizure drug for women whose sleep suffers due to Hot Flushes

New studies have shown that the drug Gabapentin could benefit menopausal women and sustain these benefits. For most menopausal women, sleep becomes a task and a disrupted, stressful one at that. With menopause being a stressful, trying time for many women as it is, a good night’s sleep is essential, but this is too often affected and becomes the cause of further mood changes during the day.

Until this latest development the drugs that were recommended were antidepressants and even hormone replacement therapy. In both these cases they are more drastic measures than that of Gabapentin. Gabapentin itself is regarded as a stable drug as it holds very few side effects for most of its users and does not generally have an addictive nature. The seizure drug is not unfamiliar to the world of sleep as it is also a common medication for those who suffer from Periodic Limb Movement Disorder and Restless Leg Syndrome.

Gabapentin’s success rate in recent trials has also encouraged the prospects of the drug becoming an administered treatment for Hot Flushes. Not only have trials proven it beneficial to menopausal women but those women who suffer from Hot Flushes during their breast cancer treatment. Research also shows that the drug continues to work even after three months of use, which is often a downfall of many drugs used to treat sleeping problems.

Saturday 6th September 2009

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