Sleep Problems & Sleep Disorders – Who Suffers?

Sleep Disorders can be a problem for anyone.  Distinct patterns in sleep problems can be found in the following groups of people:

At every stage of our lives, our sleeping patterns are subject to change, be it growing older, lifestyle changes, bodily changes and so on. Many different factors can affect our sleep and with increasing stress in our lives as we get older, our sleeping patterns become under more and more strain. However, it is important to recognise the differing patterns within us all, to fully understand and appreciate each individuals differing need in sleep. A changing pattern in sleep should not be seen as a bad thing, nor something that needs controlling. As we grow-up, we are bound to find differing sleep patterns: as a youth we probably do not feel the need to sleep for eight hours a day, yet as a working adult, sleep is probably a blessing in disguise, to tune out of the world for a while. Unless your sleeping pattern is particularly abnormal, and you are experiencing disturbed sleep, then sleeping for a different length of time should not be an issue. It only becomes an issue when you are not feeling refreshed after your sleep and your lack of sleep is affecting your lifestyle considerably. This next few sections will look at several of the different life changes that can occur and what affect these may have on your sleeping pattern, and how to cope with these changes.

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