Sleep Talking

Sleep talking is a common Parasomnia.  Most of us will have experienced sleep talking at some time. In most cases the actions carried out during the night are not causes for concern and many people sleep talk. Sleep-talking can be anything from a mumble to a full-blown conversation. It is also thought to be something you either do or do not do and many sleep talkers will have instances throughout their life.                  

Up to 60% of children occasionally sleep-talk as do up to 45% of adults. It is not known why people talk in their sleep, and what triggers the things that they may say, but in some cases it could be linked to some form of emotional stress. However, in the majority of cases the sleep-talking will be short, incomprehensible and minutely disruptive. Very few sleep-talkers will need treatment for their sleep activities as it is generally not an issue; unless you are the sleep-talkers partner, in which case you may need to invest in some ear-plugs!

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