Sleep Apnoea

What is Sleep Apnoea?

Sleep Apnoea (also spelled 'sleep apnea') is a less well-known sleep disorder compared with insomnia, but is strongly associated with the most common sleep disruption complaint, especially for the sufferer’s partner, in the form of snoring! Due to this association with snoring, it is less easily diagnosed as it is just assumed the sufferer is a snorer. Rather, if you suffer from sleep apnoea, your breathing is greatly affected during the night and you will have periods where you simply stop breathing, normally for about 10 or more seconds. This is repeated numerous times during the night. Air entry into the lungs is prevented, even if you are attempting to breathe. Thus, you will often experience sensations of choking, or unconsciously snoring. However, because you are quite asleep during this, the disorder may go unnoticed and brought to attention by your partner who may notice the holding of breath and most probably the snoring! It may be noticeable to you during the day, with excessive tiredness and fatigue, due to this interrupted sleep pattern, even though you can be quite unaware of your breathing issues during sleep.

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