Go Organic with your Mattress

A recent study has shown that going green with your mattress could actually give you a much better night’s sleep. With an increasing number of people suffering from sleep disorders, stressful lifestyles leading to insomnia and less time to sleep perhaps the answer lies in this green solution. Experts are indicating that not only could an organic mattress help you sleep more soundly but it could also be much safer to sleep on one.

Evidently, a good night’s sleep is an essential maintenance for our wellbeing, and people are increasingly neglecting this important factor of our lifestyles. Sleep helps our body to rebuild itself, relaxing both physically and mentally and preparing us for the day ahead. Thus, a mattress is a key element in the rejuvenation of our bodies. Normal mattresses contain many synthetic fibres and these gradually begin to break down, especially with the amount of movement that can take place in bed! When these fibres are broken down they can release toxic gases into the atmosphere due to the flame retardants that are used within the mattress. These can have an impact on our heath and have been linked to disruptions in sleep. Equally, the toxins can aggravate any skin conditions such as eczema.

Organic mattresses are instead made up of natural materials, including natural flame retardants. Even the farmed materials come from organic farms that involve no usage of toxic chemicals, e.g. pesticide. Therefore, the organic mattress isn’t just a green choice for the purchaser but for the entire environment too. The foam used to create the mattress is also injected in such a way that causes the mattress to be consistent, avoiding any lumps and bumps.

Many people who have sensitivities, be they allergies or skin irritations have turned to organic mattresses for added comfort in the night. Perhaps in a world in which sleep is paramount it is time to go green during the night as well as the day.

Tuesday 1st December 2009

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