New research gives Dad’s the perfect excuse for a baby’s cry

Many new mother’s will often moan that their partner seems able to sleep too well through the sound of their newborn crying; but studies have proved that it really isn’t just an excuse for men. The news offers no new hope to women but a relief of the nagging for every new father. What is more interesting, is that the study doesn’t show that men are just able to sleep through noise easier than women, but that they are just not attuned to the sound of a baby crying whilst they are asleep. If however a fly starting buzzing around them…this would wake them up!

Unfortunately, the bad news for women doesn’t just end there, as the study also shows that men are more likely to find it easier to fall asleep after they have been disturbed. The study, as conducted by MindLab, appears to have finally cracked the vast difference that appears between two sexes, and it appears to lie in the maternal instincts of a woman. The study used ECG machines to monitor brain activity during the volunteer’s sleep to observe just what disturbs them and to what extent. According to this new study, even if a woman is not a parent to the crying baby, the sound will still disturb their sleep. Yet things like car alarms, windy gales and so on are more likely to disturb men. Doctor David Lewis, a psychologist, reported on this discovery and suggests that women are attuned to things that threaten their “offspring” whereas men are alerted to things that may threaten the whole family; which could stem from our more natural instincts.

Men and women do have similar noises that can disturb them; e.g. shouting in the streets, sirens, their partners snoring/fidgeting etc. With over a quarter of adults suffering from regular nights of disturbed sleep, perhaps the answer lies in the environment they are sleeping in. Unbeknown to you or your partner, different noises and sounds could be disturbing your sleep. Sleep is vital for our lifestyles and due to this you should ensure your sleeping environment is perfect for a good night’s sleep. This means, no dripping taps, no buzzing flies and no humming electrical equipment. And sadly Mum’s, it does mean you are the first point of call for your crying baby…

Wednesday 2nd December 2009

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