Anti-depressants are a drug we will all have heard of and associate with depression. However, they are also very common in the treatment of several different sleep disorders and do not generally mean that the user is suffering from depression, even though depressive symptoms are normally a sign of a sleep disorder. If you are suffering from insomnia, then anti-depressants may be administered to you as they can have a drowsy affect on you and induce the much needed sleep at night. They can also ease muscle paralysis that is caused during Cataplexy. The dosages that you will receive of these drugs to treat a sleeping disorder will be lower than the dosage administered to people suffering from depression. Do not panic if your doctor suggests that you should take anti-depressants, as they will not increase the chances of depression, nor does it suggest that you could develop depression with your symptoms. You should approach anti-depressants with due care as they should not be used as a permanent relief to insomnia and they can have undesired side-effects.