Idiopathic Insomnia

Idiopathic insomnia is also known as childhood onset insomnia and is a lifelong issue of disrupted sleep and there is not thought to be a cure. However, if you do suffer from this it is quite likely that you will not complain of excessive daytime sleepiness or problems concentrating. The cause of this kind of insomnia is still not known, and you will experience several awakenings during the night and a disturbed night’s sleep frequently. It is generally thought that your mental health will not be affected either. You can try changing your sleeping habits to try and ease the symptoms of this disorder if they are causing a problem or consult a doctor if you feel the issue needs assessing. If you do experience idiopathic insomnia then you should not worry, it is only an issue if you feel it is affecting your waking life and you are excessively tired and unable to concentrate. Should you suffer disturbed nights but not feel any different during the day, then you are simply one of those lucky people who can survive on little sleep!