Sleep State Misperception Insomnia

Sleep-state misperception insomnia is a complex form of insomnia and involves a differing between the amount of time slept and the amount of time you think you have slept. If you suffer from this condition you will probably feel a vast awareness of your external environment and will wake up most mornings feeling as though you have hardly slept. However, if you were monitored during the night then you will probably find that you have slept a lot longer than you think.

Due to you getting more sleep than you actually think, you will probably not feel as fatigued as you would should you have had the amount of sleep you think you have had. Therefore, this type of insomnia does not affect your daytime routine too much.  It is important you do not become anxious about your “lack of” sleep, as this can worsen your condition, and will actually then stop you from sleeping. Adopting a healthy, relaxing bedtime routine is very important.