Are Sleeping Pills Addictive?

As with a lot of pills that are used to ease something in our lives, it is easy to become dependent on sleeping pills, not just because the drug makes us dependent, but because our lifestyles can become dependent on them too. For example, if you have been suffering from a sleep disorder and began taking a drug, which did aid you to sleep better, you are going to be dubious about stopping this drug intake as you do not want to revert back to your disturbed sleeping pattern.

Sleeping pills are not advised as a long-term cure for sleeping disorders and it is highly recommended that you do not take them for longer than a few weeks, and you then try to sleep unaided. If you are worried about withdrawing from taking sleeping pills, try having them on your bedside table, just in case. This mentality, that the aid is there should you need it, should hopefully allow you to relax so you can sleep unaided anyway. Sleeping pills do not make you sleep better, they merely induce a drowsiness that allows you to drift off. Interestingly, it is thought that you do not fall asleep any quicker than you would unaided, but you do feel as though you do because you are relaxed. Therefore, relaxation is evidently the key to sleeping, not the pills. Thus, try not to become reliant on them for sleeping.

Sleeping pills can be addictive in some cases, but if you are aware that you should only take them for a few weeks at a time, this should decrease the chances of becoming addicted dramatically. You should try and sleep unaided as much as you can and always adhere to medical and professional guidelines.

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