Daily Routine Could be Key to Fighting Insomnia

Thursday 1st April 2010

New research, published today, suggests that maintaining a regular daily routine could be key to improving poor sleep quality and reducing insomnia. The research, published in online journal Sleep, follows from a detailed study of elderly people living in a retirement village in Israel. Researchers who regularly interviewed, monitored and assessed the 96 elderly participants, found that adopting a regular daily routine had multiple benefits.

The research, led by Dr Anna Zisbeg, found that people who maintained a stable daily routine were able to fall asleep faster and enjoy a better quality of sleep than their less organised counterparts. Previous studies have linked daily routines to improving sleep quality, however, this study has shown that some routine activities have a stronger bearing on sleep quality than others. Dr Zisberg and her research team found that daily activities including bathing, dressing and eating have a greater impact on sleep than less frequent lifestyle rituals including shopping. The research also linked lack of routine with poor sleep quality and higher levels of illness.

Whilst this new research suggests that establishing and maintaining a stable daily routine could be key to fighting off insomnia and improving poor sleep quality, researchers warn that the further research must be carried out. Sleep problems are more likely to occur with age, so researchers are now calling for more research to be carried out across age ranges and cultural groups in order to produce findings that can definitively explain the link between sleep and routine.

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