Mid Life Sleep Crisis

Sunday 16th May

Middle aged men could suffer a mid life sleep crisis as their body's testosterone levels begin to dwindle, researchers claim. Researchers at the University of Montreal explain that after reaching 30 men's testosterone levels start to decrease and could badly affect their sleep patterns by the age of 40. The researchers suggest that middle aged sleepers may be able to sleep for fewer hours and may not be able to sleep as deeply as they would have previously enjoyed.

Researchers reached their conclusions by studying the quality of 'deep sleep' enjoyed by men across age groups. They found that men over the age of 50 enjoyed significantly less deep sleep than men in their early twenties. The surprising findings has given researchers cause to believe that testosterone may be key in helping to synchronise cerebral activity in the brain that causes deep sleep.

Researchers now hope to further study the relationship between testosterone and deep sleep. It is hoped that further study will be able to cast light on sleep disorders including insomnia. The researchers suggest that testosterone hormone therapy could be used in future to effectively treat men who suffer from sleep disorders.

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