New Nose Plug For Sleep Apnoea

Sunday 25th July 2010

A new nose plug is being developed that restricts airflow during sleep and could be used to cure snoring and to treat mild sleep apnoea. The new nose plug works by using a valve to allow air to enter the nostrils but snaps shut to restrict the amount of air that is exhaled - causing the remaining air to flow into the throat and airways where it forces muscles that line the throat and airways to resist from closing

Ventus Medical, the manufacturers behind the new nose plug, explain that keeping the airways open in this way should prevent snoring and could be used to treat people with mild sleep apnoea - a sleep condition that affects over 3 million Britons. Sleep apnoea occurs when muscles lining the airways relax and collapse during sleep, causing airflow to stop. The condition can also trigger snoring.

People who suffer mild-to-severe sleep apnoea currently control the condition by using a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure mask which pumps oxygen into the mouth and nostrils. However, experts explain that people with mild sleep apnoea may be able to use the new nose plug as an alternative after Ventus Medical reported that patients using the nose plug, in early clinical trials, experienced less sleep disturbances.

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