Sleep and Rest Key to Better Health

Tuesday 21st September 2010

A leading sleep expert has suggested that people with sleep problems could achieve the health benefits associated with a good night's sleep by engaging in meaningful rest activities including meditation.

Dr Matthew Edlund explains that whilst sleep is undoubtedly important to a person's general health, with poor sleep patterns having previously been linked to weight gain, mental illness and premature death - rest may be equally restorative. And advising patients with sleep problems of how to better rest themselves during their waking hours, Dr Edlund argues, may be more effective than prescribing sleep strategies and therapies.

The sleep expert believes that socialising with loved ones, concentrating or meditating, and breathing deeply could help to calm the body into a rest state that would promote better general well being that could combat the ill-effects caused by lack of sleep.

However, watching television, the doctor warns, would not count as health improving rest as it will not stop the brain from 'buzzing' or racing in activity long enough to rest and engage in health improving cell renewal.

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