Snoring Eradicated by Popping a Pill

Thursday 11th February 2010

With around 3 million people in the UK alone thought to snore, it is clear many of us are having disturbed nights sleep due to a partner’s noisy outburst during the night. However, researchers in America believe they have found the first pill that could actually stop someone from snoring. Not only that but this magical pill could also help lower some of the risks that are associated with sleep apnoea, e.g. heart disease and high blood pressure.

Initially, the drug was used as a weight-loss medication and during investigations the researchers noted the added effects this drug was having on their patients. During the trial men and women from the ages of 30 to 65 were tested for various different benefits, one of which was sleep disruptions due to snoring. During the six month trial the sleep disruptions were slashed from an average of 46 times to just 14. Equally, the patients were found to lose on average 10% of their overall body weight and a healthy drop in their blood pressure. The reason behind the benefits this drug appears to be offering remains unclear: scientist believe it could be due to the weight loss it induces as this can cause pressure on the airways that leads to sleep apnoea or it could make the throat muscles tauter during sleep.

The developers of the drug are now hoping to get the drug licensed and available as soon as possible; and many snorers and their spouses are probably hoping for the same outcome too! With current treatments for snoring and sleep apnoea being somewhat undesirable with the need to wear a mask during the night, if the cure for sleep apnoea is to be found in a drug it will make for a much better nights sleep for many sleep apnoea/snoring sufferers.

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