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Snoring is thought to affect more than 3 million people in the UK alone. People who snore can often feel embarrassed and worry that they are disrupting the sleeping patterns of loved ones or family members. Extremely heavy snoring can also be a symptom of more serious sleep disorders including obstructive sleep apnoea.  Sleep apnoea is a condition that stops air flowing to the lungs during sleep, as muscles in the airway are unable to remain rigid, when the body is relaxed and sleeping. Between 2-4% of the population are thought to suffer from this potentially life threatening sleep disorder.

Clinic Profile

Mr Oko is available for appointments at his clinic on Harley Street, London. Originally, the Sleeping Disorders Centre was established in 2006 in Boston Lincolnshire, to offer a wide range of specialist treatment and diagnostic procedures designed to remedy sleep disorders ranging from snoring to obstructive sleep apnoea. The clinic continues to treat patients from across the UK.

Mr Michael Oko

Sleeping Disorders Centre employs more that seven sleep specialists, headed by Mr Mike Oko  FRCS(Ed) FRCS(ORL-HNS) - the clinical lead at the United Lincoln Hospital's ENT Department. Mr Oko and his team are able to consult with patients and offer treatments ranging from sleep studies to surgical procedures and are committed to maintaining the highest levels of clinical excellence and patient care. The team aim to put patients at their ease in comfortable surroundings and operate regular rapid access clinics (morning, afternoon & evening) that can quickly rectify and assure patients who may be experiencing problems with machines or masks used to control their sleeping disorders. Michael was the winner of the 2008 NHS East Midland Healthcare Awards for Service Transformation.

Diagnostic Procedures

Obstructive sleep apnoea can often go undiagnosed. Symptoms include heavy snoring and daytime sleepiness or fatigue. Mr Oko and the team of specialists at the Sleeping Disorders Centre offer a range of diagnostic sleep studies that can help to identify this potentially life threatening sleep disorder. Patients wishing to undergo a sleep study can opt between a Home Sleep Study where a device records the patient's breathing patterns and heart rate during an average nights sleep; a Visi-Lab Sleep Study where infra red video recordings  the body's vital signs and more are reviewed by medical experts during a nights sleep at the  private clinic; or an Apnoeagraph Sleep Study where a small tube is inserted through the nose, allowing experts to properly diagnose the exact level of snoring  and better plan surgery in more complicated cases.

Treatment Options

A sleep specialist is able to advise the best treatment option for each individual patient. Treatment methods include making lifestyle changes that may involve losing weight or quitting smoking. However, Mr Oko and his team may advise the use of continuous positive airway pressure masks or equipment in moderate to severe cases as well as options involving surgery or dental splints, which bring the jaw forward.

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