Aerobic Exercise Good for Brain

Friday 30th April

Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh claim that regular aerobic exercise is a smart move as it is good for the brain. The scientists explain that working out improves the flow of blood to the brain and can quicken learning. Whist exercising has many recognised benefits this study claims to be the first that shows that humans may increase their brain activity by working out.

Researchers reached their conclusions by studying female monkeys who exercised regularly on a human treadmill. They then tested the monkeys cognitive activity by hiding food in wells that were covered. They discovered that monkeys who exercised regularly were better able to grasp the task at hand and quicker to work out how to retrieve the hidden treats.

Researchers claim that their findings indicate that aerobic exercis could have a meaningful effect on the brain. They hope that their research, published in the journal Neuroscience, will lead to further research into the links between improved brain activity and cognition and regular exercise.

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