Cervical Headache - Sports Injury

Another main type of headache other than vascular headache is cervical headache. As suggested by the name the headache pain is associated with mechanical dysfunction mostly around the neck area. Problems with the muscles, joints, nerves and fascia (the soft connective tissue) can extend pain from the neck towards and into the skull which produces a underlying, dull headache. Taking part in sports which result in repetitive neck movement or strain can heighten your risk of developing a cervical headache. The best preventative measure is to maintain a flexible and relaxed neck to avoid building up mounting tension in the neck muscles.

Cervical headaches can be caused by a number of different neck related strains and injuries. If you find it difficult to move your neck and have to limit your neck movements, this is also known as ‘stiff neck’, then this can develop into a cervical headache. A high degree of tenderness in neck tissue connecting to specific neck muscles can also provoke this kind of head pain. It is also possible for the nerves between the neck bones to become compressed and in turn transfer this pain to the head.

Treating Cervical Headaches

Due to its physical rather than chemical nature, massage is a highly effective form of treatment for cervical headaches as it releases tension in the neck muscles which then stops the pain from carrying on to the skull. Alternative treatments such as acupuncture can also alleviate the symptoms of cervical headaches in a similar way by targeting the muscles responsible for transferring the pain. In some cases your posture can really effect the amount of strain put on your neck, and education such as posture retraining can help you prevent any recurring neck pain and so stop the potential development of a cervical headache. Contact your doctor for more information on possible treatments. There are some medicinal remedies which can be injected into the spine as a means of pain control as well as prevent the headache. Anti-inflammatory medicines will reduce muscle swelling and so decrease the build up of tension resulting in the headache. Talk to your doctor and they will be able to advise you on which treatments might be suitable for your condition.