Bad Sports Diet

Most things that are bad for a sporting diet are generally bad for any diet. Always avoid fatty or greasy foods as there will never do your body any good. Saturated fats are slow to digest and make your body feel heavy. Foods such as meats and sweets can produce feelings of nausea and cause cramp during exercise and so are best avoided before a sporting event.

You should also make sure to monitor your intake of caffeine before a sporting event and even just generally in your diet. In moderation caffeine can produce effective benefits, such as deferring fatigue during exercise and providing short term energy bursts, but in excess it can have detrimental side effects. These can include: dehydration, nausea and headaches. Similarly to sugar before sports, caffeine is also able to wear off, meaning that it is an unreliable and ineffective energy substitute compared to slow release energy sources from carbohydrates.