Blackcurrant Juice Prevents Exercise Pain

Friday 3rd September 2010

Drinking blackcurrant juice could help to prevent aches, pains and inflammation that are caused by exercising, according to a new report from the New Zealand Institute for Plant & Food Research. Researchers at the Institute explain that the super-food are rich in falvonoid compounds that may be responsible for helping the body to better recover from the stresses and strains of exercise.

Scientists found that patients who took blackberry derived supplement pills before and after exercise, were less likely to show oxidative stress and tissue damage. Although the researchers limited their test group to 10 healthy people who exercised normally, researchers hope that the fruit may be used to improve the health of people who exercise professionally too.

It is hoped that UK clinical trials will shortly follow the New Zealand study, and may determine whether flavanoid compounds do boost health after exercise.

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